Nauticam Servicing Camera Housings Underwater Photography South Africa - Nauticam SA
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Nauticam Servicing Camera Housings Underwater Photography South Africa

NAUTICAM offers only the best camera housings and accessories. Dive Action offers the best approved service and expertise to help you maintain it. We are well reputed leaders in diving and servicing is our forte. It is our specialty. It’s what we do! Professionally trained we have a great relationship with the NAUTICAM Headquarters in Hong Kong. We can offer the best of advice and care and NAUTICAM is available to us for any special requests. All this is part of the service we can offer you – call in and see it for yourself! The bonus is we are in Cape Town!


Established in 1989, collectively we have over 50 years of experience and knowledge in underwater technology. We totally understand the importance of well-maintained and functioning equipment. All our work is carried out on site in a professional and well-equipped workshop.


It is good to rely on your NAUTICAM housing by looking after and maintaining it. This is essential and completes the excellence of your adventures underwater. Your camera and housing are your best ‘factual’ dive buddy providing you with your unique photos and videos. It can help you capture your best moments and experiences so that your friends and family can only believe your amazing ocean tales.


We know your time is irreplaceable and with all the effort and expense you go to in dive preparation, we do not want you to miss out on any of these special occasions. Make sure you are ready to roll with your dive camera equipment gleaming, set and ready! This is your proof for your marine adventures so let it be reliable and for the record!!

nauticam sa servicing

Suggested list of needs to consider as to how we can help you:

  • Be proactive and consider a scheduled care and maintenance plan. A good starting point is to service your housing and accessories every 2 years. This time period can be affected by the environment you have dived in and the recommendation of the manufacturer.
  • We can help you with retro fitting and assist you in tailoring your equipment to best suit your needs.
  • Stuck for knowledge or need help? Have an equipment need or fault you just cannot fix? Sticking gears, old seals, jamming buttons, flooding, worn or missed maintenance? Let us help you. We have a full workshop on site with a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • If in doubt the best way of testing your housing before diving is to dive it in one of our pressure pots. We have the provision to pressure test from a few metres down to thousands of metres.

How to proceed

  • We follow a simple process. Once we receive your housing or underwater camera equipment, we can discuss with you a detailed action plan. We can then quote you on the expected costs.
  • We can advise on the expected delivery time for your equipment to be returned to you and ready to use.
  • Feel free to chat to Barry who heads up our NAUTICAM camera service centre.
  • On your acceptance of our quote, we will proceed.
  • Generally, your housing is ready in 2 – 3 weeks. It is always good to agree a servicing time slot with us to minimize any waiting time for necessary parts to be delivered. We do our best to expedite the return of your housing.
  • References from those who service their equipment with us can be provided upon request.
nauticam sa servicing

The outcome of choosing us

  • By choosing to partner with us you can get the best advice from our skilled staff, well versed with NAUTICAM equipment. Leave with a smile knowing we are on your team!
  • A speedy service is offered which frequently saves you on international courier fees.
  • Hear all about new launches and rub shoulders with other underwater photographers.
  • Keep your equipment well-maintained. Let your photos continue to tell a thousand words and keep recording your priceless moments underwater.

TREAT’ yourself.

We are expertly TRAINED; well RECOGNIZED for what we do and the high level at which we work; we offer years of EXPERIENCE and knowledge; we are APPROVED as a registered NAUTICAM Service Centre; finally, we are TRUSTED by the best underwater photographers and the diving community.

Thank you for considering us. We feel confident that you will be happy with your choice!