Small HD NA-503-H - Nauticam SA
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Small HD NA-503-H


for SmallHD 503 UltraBright On-Camera Monitor (with 3G-SDI input support)

The SmallHD 503 UltraBright monitor is an incredibly compact and sharp 5-inch daylight viewable field monitor and the perfect complement to a Nauticam underwater video system. The UltraBright version adds 2200 nit daylight viewable brightness to the already stunning 5″, 1920 x 1080 Full HD Display. The 443 PPI monitor comes equipped with an amazing suite of software tools for image monitoring in a compact form factor. This version of the NA-503-H is setup for an HDMI camera connection, see NA-503-S for an HD-SDI camera connection.

Technical Specifications

Depth Rating 100m
Weight in Air 1.9kg
Buoyancy in water positive 0.39kg
Dimensions 252mm (W) × 139mm (H) × 111mm (D)


NA-503 System Chart PDF Download

17925 NA-503 H Housing PDF Manual Download

What’s In The Box:

  • 17925 NA-503-H Housing with HDMI 1.4 Input
  • 90254 Spare Housing O-Ring and Lubricant
  • 25071 HDMI 1.4 cable (A-D) in 0.75m length (pre-installed)
  • 25625 M16 Vacuum Valve II (Pushbutton Release)
  • Mounting Ball (pre-installed) and Monitor Hood
  • 25033 Standard HDMI bulkhead with M16 thread
  • 25036 HDMI (D-C) cable in 190mm length (for connection from HDMI bulkhead to camera)
  • 25046 HDMI (D-D) cable in 200mm length (for connection from HDMI bulkhead to camera)
  • M16 extension
  • CR2032 Battery
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • Padded Travel Bag


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More Information

More Information

Introducing NA-503-H

The SmallHD 503 UltraBright Monitor

There aren’t enough good things that can be said about this screen. Pixel density (the specification that results in sharpness) now sits at 443 PPI (higher than an iPhone 11). The monitor is capable of displaying 100% of the REC 709 color space allowing for accurate judgement of color and exposure even in bright daylight conditions.

The monitor feels immediately familiar, almost identical in size to your favorite smart phone. A joystick is used to effortlessly flip through video “pages”. Each page accepts multiple imagine analysis tools, configured by the user for their individual needs.

Exposure Tools

Exposure Assist (False Color)

This overlay mode “paints” areas of the image that have reached a certain brightness value allowing the shooter to see what parts of the image may be over or underexposed. The colors used to show these luminance values can be customized as well.


A slightly simpler version of the Exposure Assistant this tool “paints” areas of the image with a stripe pattern when they reach a pre-set brightness value allowing you to quickly see areas that may be in danger of being over or under-exposed. You can run two zebra overlays at once allowing you to monitor both highlights and shadows simultaneously. This tool does not change the underlying color of the image on the display making it a less obtrusive option than False Color overlays.


The waveform shows you the brightness of the image as a map, matching the screen from left to right. This tool can also be set to RGB mode in which case it monitors Chrominance (Color) as well as Luminance (Brightness). The RGB and RGB Parade modes will also help judge color balance (i.e. white balance), especially useful to underwater shooters.

RGB Parade (Histogram)

This tool shows an RGB Luminance Histogram that allows for easy judgement of each channel and the overall image’s exposure.

Focus Tools

Pixel Zoom

Zoom in on any page by simply pushing the joystick up. This allows for accurate judgement of critical focus.

Focus Assist

This mode highlights the sharpest areas of the image with an assignable color. This allows for quick an accurate judgement of focus without having to zoom into the image.


This is a more subtle version of Focus Assist that does not change the underlying image as much yet still shows the outline of the sharpest parts of the image in an assignable color.

Nauticam NA-503-H Underwater Housing

Nauticam has supported the 501, 502, and 502 Bright models of SmallHD monitors and continue to evolve and innovate with the new NA-503 for the 503 UltraBright Monitor. With more cameras offering video capability the need for an efficient and bright external monitor is only growing. With Nauticam’s bulkhead system, attaching and detaching the cable system can be done quickly in the field. This means you can easily switch from a still photo setup to a video setup in between dives, quickly removing the monitor and even installing a magnifying viewfinder to the housing.

The NA-503 housing provides access to all monitor controls, and the complete menu system is available in the housing, and at depth.

The Nauticam NA-503 housing features the rugged build quality and advanced manufacturing expertise our user base has come to expect. The joystick navigation system used by the 503 UltraBright monitor is translated to four directional arrows, a center select button, dedicated “back/power” button, along with the “F1” and “F2” buttons underneath. The interface is simple, but elegant, and perfectly suited to the underwater environment.

The SmallHD 503 UltraBright does require the addition of the SmallHD L-Series Battery Plate for 503/703 UltraBright.  The Nauticam NA-503 housing accepts up to two Sony NP-F750 batteries which provides up to 4.5 hours of run time.

HDMI and HD-SDI are both supported by a single housing, providing an extremely broad range of camera support in a single underwater monitor system.

Cross Conversion and Passthrough

The 503 UltraBright monitor can also function as a passthrough monitor, passing either HDMI or SDI to a surface monitor. The NA-503 housings feature a M28 opening that can accommodate another HD-SDI or HDMI cable.

The SmallHD 503 UltraBright also features a cross-conversion feature meaning an HDMI input from the camera can be converted to an HD-SDI signal by the monitor and passed through a second bulkhead to a surface monitor. HD-SDI can travel over longer distances making this ideal for surface monitoring even from a camera that only features HDMI output. Nauticam HD-SDI Cable Accessories provide a reliable way of transporting a video signal over long distances.

Accessory Ports

  • 1 x M16 pre-installed with 25625 Vacuum Valve II
  • 1x M28 pre-installed with M28 to M16 Step Down Adapter


NA-503-H Optional Accessories

  • 25071 HDMI cable (A-D) in 0.75m length (for connection from Shogun housing to HDMI bulkhead) Compatible with 17904/17909/17908/17923/17925
  • 25036 HDMI (D-C) cable in 190mm length for NA-D6/D5/D500/5DIV/5DSR/R.
  • 25042 HDMI (D-C) cable in 240mm length for NA-1DXIII/D850/Z7II/Z7V.
  • 25046 HDMI (D-D) cable in 200mm length for RX100V/VII/VII/G7XIII/G5XII/a6500/A7RIII/a2020/Z50/EM1X.
  • 25075 HDMI (D-A) Cable in 190mm Length for NA-GH5S.
  • 25076 HDMI (D-D) Cable in 200mm Length for NA-XT4/XT3/A6400/6600/R5/R6/GFX100/GFX100S/A7C.
  • 25083 HDMI (D-A) Cable in 240mm Length for NA-BMPCCII/6K/S1R/S1H.
  • 25095 HDMI (D-A) Cable in 170 mm Length for NA-A7SIII.
  • 25100 HDMI (D-A) cable in 200mm length for NA-a1/FX3.
  • 25701 HDMI (D-A) cable in 260mm length for NA-C70
  • 16243 HDMI A-D Cable in 0.5m Length for RED DSMC2/C200/EVA1/C500II/E2/E2F.
  • 90254 Spare Housing O-Ring

SDI Out Connectivity:

  • *25058 M16 SDI Bulkhead
  • *25060 SDI cable in 0.3m length (for connection from camera to underside of SDI Bulkhead)
  • *25065 SDI surface monitor cable in 45m length (for connection from SDI Bulkhead to Surface Monitor on land)
  • 25059 SDI cable extension adaptor
  • 25062 SDI cable in 5m length (for connection between SDI Bulkheads)
  • 25063 SDI cable in 30m length (for connection between SDI Bulkheads)
  • 25064 SDI surface monitor cable in 15m length (for connection from SDI Bulkhead to Surface Monitor on land)

* items are essential items to use a surface monitor

Optional Monitor Mounting System:

  • 17951 Nauticam Monitor Housing Mounting System Compatible with 17904/17905/17909/17909N/17910/17925/17925S, and 17922S from SN A158538 onwards.
  • 17952 Nauticam Monitor Housing Mounting Adaptor to use with NA-A7S/A7II/A9/A7RIII/A7RIV/α2020/A7SIII/α1/XT3/XT4/Z50.
  • 17953 Nauticam Monitor Housing Mounting Adaptor to use with NA-GH4/GH5S/V/GH6
  • 17954 Universal Tripod Plate for Nauticam Housings (excl. cinema housings)
  • 17955 Mounting ball to use with NA-Shogun/ Flame/RT7/Ninja V-S/503 Monitor
  • 17957 Nauticam Monitor Housing Mounting Adaptor to use with NA-NA-S1R/S1H/BMPCCII/6K/Z7/Z7V/Z7II/1DXII/5DIV/6DII/1DXIII//R5/R6/D6/780/GFX100S/C70
  • 17958 Mounting Ball for NA-502/502B/503/ Ninja V/ Ninja V-S/Shinobi/RT4.7/FHD5/058
  • 16226 Mounting Bracket for Monitor Housing to use with Cinema Housings compatible with 17904/17905/17909/17909N/17910/17922S/17925/17925S