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Roger Horrocks Underwater Photography

Roger Horrocks

Roger Horrocks is an underwater cinematographer specializing in wildlife sequences for documentaries and features. Since 2007 Horrocks has worked on projects for National Geographic, Disney Films and the BBC, including Blue Planet 2 (for which he was awarded a BAFTA for Outstanding cinematography).

I am a wildlife cinematographer best known for my work on My Octopus Teacher, Our Planet, and Blue Planet 2. My work has taken me from the frozen poles to the temperate seas to warm equatorial regions and back, and offered access to some of the last truly wild places on earth. My passion is to describe the natural world in imagery, both still and motion, and bring that rendering into the home for others to appreciate.

Images and storytelling are fundamental to the human condition. For tens of thousands of years, we have used stories and the act of image creation to make sense of our daily experience and help us walk that narrow line between order and chaos. Out of this continuous process of storytelling has emerged all the cultures we know today, past and present. For the most part, photography is a craft, but there are times when application, intent and serendipity come together to elevate it to an art form. Such instances are rare and elusive, and all the more special for it.

Photographing the natural world has additional challenges. The moments and behaviours we seek to capture can be very short-lived and impossible to recreate. The subjects can be evasive and their behaviour modified by your presence, especially underwater. Shoots can be 99% meditation and 1% action. When the 1% emerges, you have to be 100% ready to be at the top of your game. It’s an elusive craft of highs and lows played out in splendid isolation, a craft I absolutely love practising.


Roger Horrocks


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