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Steve Benjamin Underwater Photography

Steve Benjamin

Steve Benjamin is an underwater cinematographer and photographer specializing in stories about nature and people. He has a deep passion for creating and sharing stories from the ocean with a worldwide audience.

From watching Hammerhead sharks glide overhead in Galapagos for Nat Geo to capturing intimate behaviours of fish in the Kelp forest for Netflix, Steve has extensive experience working on the ocean. Having studied Zoology and Ichthyology (2003-2006) at university, he received his second education working for Mark Addison and the Tiger sharks of Aliwal Shoal. Here he met Thomas Peschak and Roger Horrocks, who he forged lifelong friendships with and travelled around the world with them assisting and filming. His work now spans over 15 years of ocean filmmaking experience, from the birth of ideas in the creative opening stages of production, through to logistics, permitting, and staffing, to acquisition and capturing the director’s dream imagery underwater. He has worked on productions for clients such as Netflix, BBC, PBS, Nat Geo, Smithsonian, and the United Nations

Content for Change:

I tell stories to inspire people to act on environmental issues. That means shedding light not only on destruction but also solutions. Conservation stories are about people as much as wildlife—from the problems we create and the people who suffer the consequences to those who dedicate their lives to solving them. I work to communicate both the intrinsic value of nature and the ugly side of reality in compelling ways both locally and abroad

“I create ideas, teams, and imagery to bring about change in the world. If people don’t see, they will never know”

I love the collaborative nature of filmmaking and have worked on productions for commissioners including BBC, National Geographic, Disney, NHK, Apple, PBS, Smithsonian, ARTE, and SABC. I’ve worked with Wildspace Productions, Plimsoll, Earth Touch, and many others to bring their stores to life.



Steve Benjamin | Animal Ocean
Email: [email protected]


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